Predictive Green Gaming tool launched by Mr Green

Leading online gaming company Mr Green recently announced the launch of its predictive Green Gaming tool. Through the unique tool, players have the ability to obtain a clearer perspective into their own risk behavior, while simultaneously allowing Mr Green to better detect when playing has gone from healthy to risky.

Chief Executive Officer for Mr Green & Co, Per Norman, said, “It should feel safe to play at Mr Green, and Green Gaming has been a part of our business strategy since the foundation in 2007.” The CEO added, “We have high ambitions, and want to be the brand you associate with Green Gaming, ” according to the press release.

By combining the analysis of a customer’s actual playing behavior with their impression of their own risky behavior, players are privy to analysis and personalized insights regarding their gaming and when and if they have played too fast. Mr Green can then adjust its communications and offerings based on the risk behavior of an individual customer. Those players who demonstrate increased risk behavior could be asked to either set different playing limits or refrain from playing for a while. Additionally, those customers who exhibit increased risk behaviors will not receive sales messages from Mr Green. For now there is a casino model for the new green Gaming tool, with a sportsbook model to be implemented at a later date.

Sebastian Gassner, an expert in the field of responsible gaming tech development and Sweden-based Sustainable Interaction, who specializes in the development of diagnostic tools and digital products in the fields of psychological heath and responsible gaming, helped to develop the tool.

The first market to implement the Green Gaming tool will be the United Kingdom. In the fall, Mr Green will continue to make the tool available to other markets.

Norman said they are asking their customers to “put on the seat belt and set the controls,” The CEO said that with the new tool, Mr Green will be better able to understand their customers, not just in financial term, but in many dimensions.

Predictive Green Gaming tool launched by Mr Green